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Eischied Wilemina, "Wilma"

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  • o Wilma with her pup Kiri
    PEDIGREE    20/9/1992-5/7/2006. Bred by Jan Mace.

    Sire: Eischied What The Hell (Boz)
    Dam: Baronburg Kiwi Magic (Imp Aust) (Phoebe)

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    Wilma's passing in July 2006 left a big hole. Her legacy of physical strength and strength of character lives on in all the current Apex Boxers.

    ABOUT WILMA: Wilma was a large (24.5inches at the withers) red and white bitch.
    There is only one word for Wilma - STRONG. She epitomised strength in every way. She was a big, solid, healthy bitch, who didn't know the meaning of the words 'fear' or 'pain'. Wilma had her hips scored for Hip Dysplasia, and her heart checked. She never suffered from thryoid, collitis or allergy problems. In the end a variety of age-related conditions reduced her quality of life to a point where I felt it best to let her go. On her last day she trotted around at the beach and buried her ball in the sand.

    Wilma age 9 years


    Wilma didn't have accomplishments from the show or obedience ring. Jan Mace bred (and co-owns) Wilma, preserving the body type of the Gremlin line. As a result Wilma had superb bone, a beautiful front, great angulation, and a lovely wide straight mouth. She wasn't a show dog however.

    I wanted Wilma as the foundation of my new line because her faults are not faults that are common in her line, but her strengths are, and because I wanted to start from a bitch from a healthy line. Wilma's litter in 1996 proved that I took the right option. Steadfast dependability and strength, and beautiful pups - these are Wilma accomplishments. Wilma on right with Freddy