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    Clutch, white male bred by Anna Rosenstreich, owned by Jeremy Bisson, pictured with Tulli the catThe photos on this page show various kiwi white boxers (mouse over photo to see details). The white pups I have bred also have their own webpages: Buster, Floyd and Paige. In all respects other than colour they are normal happy healthy boxers. However, around the world, many white boxers are culled at birth because it is not a preferred colouring. In New Zealand, white boxers can't have 'papers', and therefore can't be bred from or shown at breed (conformation) shows. Let me explain...

    The NZ Kennel Club (NZKC) has a 'Purebred DogRegistry'. This is where people like me who areregistered NZKC breeders apply to have our littersrecognised and each individual puppy registered. Thepuppy then has a certified pedigree and a formal NZKCname forever. When people talk about a dog having 'papers' or being NZKC'registered', they mean ithas a NZKC certified pedigree.Clutch again, pictured with Anna RosenstreichALL live puppies from a registered boxer breeder's litter can be entered on the'Purebred Dog Registry' EXCEPT those with more than1/3 white markings. A pup can have a tail, a horrible genetic illness, an extra head, a missing leg, whatever, and still be on thisregister, but it can't be predominantly white.

    White bitch, Elfie, owned by the Leckies of Milton - doing some life guard work with PipSo, despite having the same genes as their colouredsiblings, a white Boxer won't have a certifiedpedigree and can't be bred or shown. But!...Any dog can be added to the NZKC 'Obedience/AgilityRegistry' and get a formal NZKC name recorded and thus be able to compete at NZKC events.

    White male, Zeus, owned by Amber Gorinski of Manawatu - competing in agilityWhite boxers are not able to be registered simply because they are an undesirable colour scheme. A small proportion of white pups can be deaf in one or both ears (latest statistic I saw was 18%, with less than 10% deaf in both ears) but otherwise they are normal Boxers in every respect. (And the deafness can be detected early on). If you learn about the history of the Boxer you'll see that many famous early boxers were predominantly white. The existence of white pups in litters is related to the preference among breeders for boxers with white markings - in show circles, lots of white markings are preferred and boxers with little white are considered 'plain' and less desirable for showing. It strikes me as ironic that many breeders who cull white pups and say they're undesirable have made breeding decisions that specifically increase the likelihood of getting white pups - if they believe that white pups are so undesirable that they have to be killed at birth, shouldn't they make more effort to avoid producing them in the first place?

    The links below are to sites with further information about white boxers.White bitch, Elfie, owned by the Leckies of Milton

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  • THE DALMATIAN DILEMMAWhite Coat Colour and Deafness - This article discusses the genetic basis of deafness and explains why white dogs with patches of colour are less likely to be deaf than those that are totally white.