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Wilma's 1996 Litter

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  • Wilma with pups Litter whelped 13/9/1996.
    Bred by D Rosenstreich & J Mace
    Sire: BISS Ch Eischied Blues Brother

    Dam: Eischied Wilemina (Wilma)

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    Wilma whelped the first pups naturally, but a large dead brindle pup meant a c-section was needed in the end. Sadly, the litter included 3 white puppies. The surviving puppies were:

  • Flashy brindle and white bitch: Apex Sings the Blues ADXAS, Kiri
  • Flashy brindle and white male: Apex Wild Blue Yonder, 'Cody'
  • Brindle and white male: Apex Blue Collar Hero, 'Jed'
  • Brindle and white bitch: Eischied Blue on Blue, 'JoJo'
  • Brindle and white bitch: Apex Out of the Blue 'Shanzi'

    Long story, but Shanzi's owner (Gail Fodie) stopped returning my calls and when I managed to track her down, I found out that she had killed Shanzi at the age of 18months (People like her shouldn't be allowed dogs!! Aside from everything else, my puppy contract specifies I want to hear of any problems & will take my pups back if needed). Kiri stayed with me. Jed and Cody are in Dunedin and JoJo was exported to Australia to Elaine Davies - all became happy family pets.

    CodyCody Jed JoJo