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NZ CH Assisi Winter Orgy CDX

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  • o Peppi was bred by Val Tourelle, and owned/trained/handled by Anna Rosenstreich.

    Peppi in action

    Peppi produced quality pups who went on in turn to produce well. She competed at Test C level in obedience as well as being involved in breed shows and tracking trials. In the photo below Peppi is in front with daughter Gundi (NZ CH Gunda Vom Hexenhaus CDX) on the left and granddaughter Fratzi (NZ CH Grimhild Vom Hexenhaus)
    My mother Anna Rosenstreich still has lines which all descend from Peppi, now in Western Australia - click here for more infromation on the Hexenhaus boxers.

    Pedigree for CH Assisi Winter Orgy CDX.
          SSS : Gremlin Famous Footsteps 348BD
        SS : CH Gremlin Summer Storm
          SSD : Gremlin Mere Magic
      S : Gremlin Great Gale (IMP-UK)TO AUST
          SDS : Kreyon's Back In Town Of Winuwuk(IMP-USA)
        SD : Winuwuk Nightlark Of Gremlin  
          SDD : Winuwuk Murraymint
    CH Assisi Winter Orgy CDX.
          DSS : Gremlin Famous Footsteps
        DS : NZ CH Gremlin Summer Spree (IMP-UK)
          DSD : Gremlin Mere Magic
      D : CH Assisi Summer Orgy
          DDS : NZ CH Gremlin Hey Pronto (IMP-UK)
        DD : CH Assisi Hey Nice Notion
          DDD : CH Assisi Ebony Eyes