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    Boxer info

    Dog Owner's Guide: The Boxer White boxers
    NZKC - Breed Standard - Boxer - Utility
    Genetic and Suspect Diseases in the Boxer
    Short History of the Boxer Breed
    Boxer Heart Disease
    Boxer health testing
    The Boxer Underground - Boxer Heart murmurs...

    Tips for choosing a pup

    Dog Owner's Guide: Picking a puppy
    Dog Owner's Guide: Responsible Breeders
    Choosing a puppy

    Boxer Breeders

    Bellcrest Boxers - Canada
    Bavaria's Boxers - USA
    Boxers Totaal
    Boxmann boxers Finland
    Espirit Boxers USA

    Dog training/agility

    Training Articles - Flying Dog Press
    FCI Agility World Champs 2006
    The Weave Pole Dance by Nancy Gyes
    FCI Agility WC 2006
    NZ National Agility Link
    Say Yes Training Articles
    Canine Fun Sports
    AgileBoxers Yahoo Group

    Dog breeding

    Canine Reproduction 1
    Canine Reproduction 3 - 4
    Canine Reproduction 5 - 6 Pregnancy problems
    Canine Reproduction 7 - Reproduction: Male Dog Puberty...
    Dog Owner's Guide: Responsible Breeders
    Genetic and Suspect Diseases in the Boxer
    How Could You by Jim Willis
    Jane Anderson's Learn to Breed Site
    Reputable Breeders article
    Boxer Rescue Victoria
    Boxer Heart Disease
    Boxer Underground
    Early Neurological Stimulation -Developing High...
    Boxer health testing
    Dog Owner's Guide: Picking a puppy
    Choosing a puppy
    Dog-Play: Getting a Dog Tips - Checklist for th...
    Boxer Health
    Heart Test Results
    NZ Veterinary Assoc Hip Dysplasia Client Info
    To Test or Not to Test
    Boxer Underground Articles by Category / Title

    Dog clubs

    American Boxer Club Leading you into NZ's Dog Web
    Boxer Club of Canada Inc
    ANKC Contact Details
    Boxer Club Italia
    Boxer Rescue Victoria
    New Zealand Kennel Club
    Boxer-Klub E.V. - Sitz München - Deutscher Boxe...
    Svenska Boxerklubben

    Dog health

    Temperature of Healthy Dog
    Genetic and Suspect Diseases in the Boxer
    A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine - Human medical site
    Boxer Heart Disease
    LIDA - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The Univ...
    Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources
    Boxer health testing
    Boxer Underground - ABC 2004 - Health Screening...
    The Boxer Underground - August, 1999 - Boxer Hearts...
    AVMA - Journal of the American Veterinary Medic...
    Boxer Health
    Poisonous Plants Geus-Speces Index
    Michigan Veterinary Specialists - Boxer Cardiom...
    Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy...
    Boxer Underground - Oct 1998, Top 10 Reasons to...
    Heart Test Results
    NZ Veterinary Assoc Hip Dysplasia Client Info
    Zillion - Buy Copoly Cohesive Bandages X 12#bid...
    ALBA Medical - Holter Monitoring Company
    BARF Mythology
    Links - Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Holter Monitoring
    To Test or Not to Test
    Boxer Underground Health Articles by Category / Title

    Dog info

    Flying Dog Press dog training articles
    Article on use of crates from Psychology Today
    Pets - Pet Breeders Information and Classifieds
    ukboxerdogs - Index - Boxer dogs in the UK
    WorkingDogWeb: 9 Guides to Dog Breeds, Training...
    BARF Mythology
    DogsDog Breeds
    Dog BreedersPet Products

    Dog shows

    Show Dogs - The Best Resource for Show Results ...
    American Pit Bull Terrier Network Movement
    Dog Show Judges profiles - from Chinaroad Lowch...
    Worldwide Boxer - A pictorial guide to judging ...
    Boxer Underground Articles by Category / Title

    Dog travel

    Dogs and cats from Australia | Biosecurity New ...
    Category 1: New Zealand: No quarantine in Austr...
    Dog Travel Quotes - Pets By Air

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