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    5 generation PEDIGREE | Extended PEDIGREE (pedigree is for Rosie's pups, includes health/longevity data)

    Whelped 28/12/01. Bred by D Rosenstreich. Sire: NZ Ch Thasrite Red Rocket (imp Aus) (Rocket)   Dam: Apex Sings the Blues ADX Adv Silver (Kiri)

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    Rosie's head at 10 months old Rosie November 2005

    IN A NUTSHELL: POST SCRIPT: Rosie succumbed to osteosarcoma a few weeks before her 11th birthday in 2012. I'm still grieving and not yet able to face updating her page properly.

    Rosie is a high energy playful dog who is trustworthy in all situations - she plays gently for hours with children even though not raised with them, is reliable around livestock, fine with strange dogs and people (though a good protector when required), and has proven her working ability in the agility ring. Rosie had a litter in February 2006 that produced some lovely pups.

    These photo compilations pages give you a fuller view of Rosie: Rosie Sept 2007 | Rosie (and mum Kiri) with Kermie | Rosie and her mum Kiri at the park | Shots of mouths and movement - Rosie, her brother Storm & mum Kiri

    ABOUT ROSIE: Rosie is a red bitch with white markings. Her eyes are fully pigmented. She is a compact 21.5inches at the withers. Her hips have been scored for Hip Dysplasia by the NZVA (score better than breed average), her heart has been doppler checked by a board certified cardiologist and assessed as clear for breeding (flow rate of 1.7), her four annual 24 hour holter monitor results have all been within acceptable ranges, her thryoid is normal (TSH), her knees have been x-rayed by an orthopaedic specialist and no problems with cruciate ligament detected, and she's had full blood tests. She has been DNA tested and is a carrier for DM, and positive het. for ARVC. In terms of character, Rosie is a live wire. She gets called 'Bendy dog' because her face and butt point in the same direction often.


    Rosie in an agility competition 2004Rosie has proven her working ability in agility. She has been in the ribbons many times despite irregular attendance at events, and she will usually bring home clear round certificates (Qs) and/or prizes from each competition (the long list of her agility achievements is near the bottom of my Agility page). She earned two titles (BAAD & AAD) from just two ADAA events, fulfilled requirements for her ANKC A.D. and J.D. titles from just 4 events, and went on to earn ADX, JDX, GD and SPD titles just as easily. Being a true boxer, she also makes a complete fool of me every now and then to keep me on my toes.

    Rosie has also competed in flygility (where she had to negotiate an agility course on her own and trigger the fly ball box, then return to me with the ball). She was fast enough to earn runner-up and semi-finalist awards from the small number of tournaments we attended before leaving NZ.

    I am constantly amazed by what Rosie can achieve. A great example is our first trial in Australia after a 7 month break from agility. She ran in 9 events over two days and placed 1st or 2nd in 7 of them (and the other 2 weren't bad either!). Basically, she's a multi-talented dog with a great working drive, intelligence, a great physique and stamina, and her achievements are only limited by her far FAR less talented handler!

    BREED SHOWS: Rosie's also had some good conformation show wins from a very limited amount of shows (with my awful handling):

    • Under all breeds judges: in her first show as baby puppy she won Baby Puppy of Group. In her first show as a puppy she won Puppy of Group. She's also won several Juniors of Breed, NZBreds of Breed, and several Reserve Challenge Certificates. Rosie November 2005
    • Boxer specialist Liz Gunter (Guntop) gave her Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best of Breed in 2002 at only nine months of age.
    • Boxer specialist Mark Johnston (Blueprint) from Australia gave her 1st in Owner/Breeder/Handler, 3rd in Best Mover, and 3rd in the bitch puppy class (the class winner went on to get RBIS) with the following critique:
      "Very typical and sound r/w bitch who was unfortunate to come up against 1 & 2. Square, compact and balanced body showing some elegance. Good front bone and feet. Typical head showing good proportions of muzzle to skull. Good lip placement"
    • UK boxer specialist David Webb (Cherryside) gave her a first in her class in October 2003. His critique:
      "Another first class bitch with so much going for her and when she settled presented a very nice picture. So well balanced with excellent angles not a classic head but had a good mouth and correct eye. Moved very well"
    • In February 2007 Miles Gunter (Guntop) gave her RCC and NZBred of breed and Liz Gunter gave her NZBred of breed.
    Rosie standing at 18 months old Rosie's head at 10 months old