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    Kiri age 18 months Whelped 13/9/96. Bred by D Rosenstreich & J Mace.    PEDIGREE (7 gen)

    Sire: BISS Ch Eischied Blues Brother
       Dam: Eischied Wilemina (Wilma)

    Kiri age 11 years

    Photo pages: Youthful Photos1  |   Youthful Photos2   |   Kiri's Litter 2001 |   Kiri & Rosie Jan 07   |   Kiri & Rosie Nov 07   |   Kiri on her 11th Birthday    

    ABOUT KIRI: Kiri, like her mother Wilma, was a big strong solid healthy bitch - she was an (oversized!) 24.5 inches at the withers. She had her hips scored for Hip Dysplasia, thyroid checked and heart checked, and she was DNA tested for DM at age 12.5yrs and was 'clear' and also negative on the ARVD DNA test. Kiri was put to sleep at age 13yrs for a variety of age-related issues including kidney and back problems. Kiri to me epitomised the ideal combination of entertaining pet and good working dog because she was an amazing Boxer - confident and outgoing but incredibly eager to please and protect her master.

    Kiri age 5 years


    Kiri's success was limited by  her uncoordinated handler! Kiri didn't enjoy the show ring.  I think she was rather puzzled about what the point of it was.  She had mixed success due to doing little to look her best while at shows.  She was Otago Kennel Association Junior Dog of the Year in 1997, won several 'In Group' awards, gained a CC under an international judge, and many Reserve CCs. Under Boxer specialist judges her strengths were rewarded in the Best Head, Best Mover, and Best Body stakes where sound construction is more important than 'show attitude'. At her last championship boxer show in Nov 2002 she earned Best Brood Bitch in Show, with the following critique from judge Mark Johnston: "Substantial b/w bitch of good construction. Very nice front and strong rear, which she used on the move. Good bone. Very pleasing head of good shape. Excellent depth to muzzle and rise of skull. A darker eye would be preferred". I think that's a honest summary of Kiri.

    Kiri in action age 5 years

    Kiri had been trained for obedience, but her forte was as an agility dog. Kiri managed clear rounds and placings in the top 10% of the field pretty consistently. Since 2003 she gained her Agility Dog Excellent (ADX) title, and won into Senior level competition (this makes her one of very few Boxers in this country to have had this level of achievement in agility). In May 2003 she made it through to the regional semi-final of the National Agility Competition - the first boxer in the semi-finals in the country to my knowledge. In July 2003, Kiri won the Senior class at the Waimate championship event and earned her first Agility Challenge Certificate. Kiri was awarded top agility dog in Novice level competition for the all breeds Otago Canine Training Club 2002/2003 and also third best agility dog overall. In 2005 she earned her ADX Advanced Bronze title, and in 2006 added her ADX Advanced Silver title. A detailed list of her agility results appears on the Agility page. She retired in 2006.

    Two of the pups from Kiri's only litter have also been involved in agility - Buddy and Rosie. Rosie has been particularly successful.

    Kiri age 11 years (Nov 07) playing in the backyard Kiri age 11 years (Jan 08) playing with her daughter at the river