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  • o Aus CH Hexenhaus Sebastian, 'Faust', as an adult My mother, Anna Rosenstreich passed away on 3rd October 2008. Anna had been breeding and showing Boxers since the early 1970's. She started the Hexenhaus prefix in NZ and moved to Western Australia in 1990. I want to ensure that Anna's huge contribution to the Boxer breed stays 'alive' and so I will maintain a presence for her on the web.

    An album has been set up to honour a small selection of the Hexenhaus Boxers and Anna's contribution to the breed, it includes captions that tell some of the Hexenhaus history:

    Hexenhaus Boxers Album/History

    Anna had a great deal of success as a breeder, obedience competitor, and in conformation shows (for example, she has taken out Best in Show at four specialist boxer shows in Western Australia under international judges, with four different homebred Hexenhaus boxers). I can vouch for them having some of the best Boxer temperaments I've ever come across, combined with great conformation, particularly excellent heads.

    Fausta Vom Hexenhaus, 'Steffi' as an adult, with friend Isobel Rosenstreich My first boxer, Fratzi was bred by my mother, and lies behind many of the current Hexenhaus dogs. Peppi and Gundi formed the foundation of the Hexenhaus lines and both enjoyed great success in both show and obedience. My perception of what a boxer should look and act like will always be based on the wonderful dogs I grew up with thanks to my mother. And I am so grateful for the wonderful grounding she gave me in how to care for and train Boxers. I am very lucky.
    Aus CH Hexenhaus Sebastian, 'Faust', on the couch underneath 'Bernie' and 'Schatzi'