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NZ CH Gunda Vom Hexenhaus CDX

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  • o Gundi was bred/owned/trained/handled by Anna Rosenstreich.

    Pedigree for CH Gunda vom Hexenhaus CDX.
          SSS : CH Summerdale Shamus 126AS
        SS : Gremlin Famous Footsteps
          SSD : Gremlin Walk On
      S : NZ Ch Gremlin Summer Spree (Imp UK)
          SDS : GREMLIN CATCH Fire
        SD : Gremlin Mere Magic  
          SDD : GREMLIN CATCH The Dawn
    CH Gunda vom Hexenhaus CDX
          DSS : Ch Gremlin Summer Storm
        DS : Gremlin Great Gale (IMP-UK)TO AUST
          DSD : Winuwuk Nightlark Of Gremlin
      D : CH Assisi Winter Orgy CDX
          DDS : NZ CH Gremlin Summer Spree (IMP-UK)
        DD : CH Assisi Summer Orgy
          DDD : Ch Assisi Hey Nice Notion

    Gundi was one of my family's Boxers, and also my Fratzi's mum. Gundi started out the runt of her litter, and grew into a true Boxer, a great family pet, always full of mischief and enegry, and a successful show dog (particularly at speciality shows). Her mischievous nature made obedience somewhat challenging but despite this, she won through into Test C obedience competition and earned her CDX. To top it all off, she also produced some lovely pups.

    My mother Anna Rosenstreich still has the Hexenhaus lines, now in Western Australia - click here for more infromation on the Hexenhaus boxers.