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    Ulla 18 months old 'Ulla'
    Boxnen's Unlimited for Apex

    Whelped: 09/May/2017
    Breeder: Minna Nousiainen-Becher, Owner: Daniela Rosenstreich
    Ulla 3 years old
    8 months old 'Lily'
    Benfelds Lil Devil for Apex

    Whelped: 09/May/2012
    Breeder: Vickie Clements, Owner: Daniela Rosenstreich & Vickie Clements
    8 months old
    8 months old 'Yana'
    Apex Worth Every Penny

    Whelped: 01/02/2006
    Owner: Daniela Rosenstreich & Claire Perry
    8 months old
    5 months old 'Maisey'
    Apex Worth Megabucks

    Whelped: 01/02/2006
    Owner: Daniela Rosentreich & Carolyn Rogers
    5 months old
    Apex Lady in Red ADX JDX GD SPD AAD

    Whelped: 28/12/2001
    Owner: Daniela Rosenstreich
    4 years old
    Apex Sings the Blues ADXAS

    Whelped: 13/09/1996
    Owner: Daniela Rosenstreich
    Eischied Blue On Blue

    NZKC#11041-1996. Whelped: 13/09/1996. Owner: E Davies & L Corbett & R Knox

    age 4 months 'Phoebe'
    Apex Bette Ya Bottom Dolla

    NZKC#01986-2006. Whelped: 01/02/2006. Owner: Mandy Short
    age 6 months 'Layla'
    Apex Extra value Added

    NZKC#01989-2006. Whelped: 01/02/2006. Owner: Irena Sorensen
    Apex The White Stuff

    NZKC#00376-2002. Whelped: 01/02/2006. Owner: Derrick Bishop
    age 5 months 'Mieke'
    Apex Red Stripe

    NZKC#00373-2002. Whelped: 28/12/2001 Owner: Dr Ingrid Tilling