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Fratze vom Hexenhaus, 'Freddy'

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    17 September 1990 - 2 October 2002.

    Sire: NZ Ch Eischied Double Trouble

    Dam: NZ Ch Grimhild Vom Hexenhaus (Fratzi)

    Freddy age 2 yearsFreddy age 11 years


    Freddy with some of her obedience prizesAll Boxers are special but some more than others. Freddy will never be replaced. Aside from good looks, Freddy also had a perfect Boxer temperament and was a very lively old girl, who was quite lost if she couldn't find a ball or toy to carry around when she was excited (which was much of the time). Freddy was a generous dog - despite the fact she was immensely devoted to me, she still shared me happily with the other dogs.

    Freddy sitting age 5Though Freddy was a fine specimen of Boxer, because her mother had died young and adequate health testing was not available to me, I chose not to breed from Freddy so she is not related to any of the Apex Boxers.

    Freddy's over the rainbow bridge now with her favourite red ball permanently in her mouth, running around with all the doggy friends she outlived.


    Freddy unfortunately suffered a cruciate ligament injury not long after she turned a year old. This cut short her show career - she had got a CC under a Boxer specialist (Dr Glackin, Australia), many Reserve CCs, a 'Best Bitch Body' award from a Boxer Championship Show, as well as various other awards at Championship specialist Boxer shows, and Breed and Group awards at All Breeds championship shows, Open shows, and Ribbon Parades.

    Freddy with a tomato on her nose Freddy was also working in obedience when she was injured. She had received several wins and placings in championship obedience tests, and ribbon trials. We were just starting to train for agility. Though her injury meant retirement, she still came out and demonstrated from time to time, including an appearance on Tux Wonderdogs where she lost the heat for her team (the Parked Car Chasers) by eating the saveloys instead of retrieving them - that was typical of Freddy, full of spirit and always enjoying life.

    Pedigree for Fratze vom Hexenhaus
          SSS : Gremlin Winter Fame
        SS : NZ Ch Winter Frost Of Gremlin (Imp Uk) 
          SSD : Beth Sheba Autumn Storm
      S : CH Eischied Double Trouble
          SDS : NZ Ch Gremlin Summer Spree (Imp UK)
        SD : CH Assisi Summer Sin  
          SDD : Ch Assisi Hey Nice Notion
    Fratze vom Hexenhaus
          DSS : NZ CH Winter Frost Of Gremlin (IMP-UK)
        DS : CH Assisi Maybe Midnight
          DSD : Ch Assisi Hey Nice Notion
      D : CH Grimhild vom Hexenhaus
          DDS : NZ Ch Gremlin Summer Spree (Imp UK)
        DD : CH Gunda vom Hexenhaus CDX
          DDD : CH Assisi Winter Orgy CDX

    Freddy age 11 years