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    2021 Litter/s
    A beautiful litter of 6 healthy pups were born March 2021. They are all developing nicely and bringing lots of laughter and love to their new homes across New Zealand. I plan to have a second (final) litter from Ulla and am in the process of making decisions about a suitable sire.
    If you are interested in photos / details of Ulla's first litter, or in finding out more about her next litter, email Daniela ...

    Apex Boxers Email address

    My careful approach to breeding limits the number of puppies I send out into the world but this means I can spend the time and money required to give each pup the best possible start in life through health testing of the parents, and appropriate early care and socialisation of the pups - something that breeders who have regular litters can't always do. My puppy parents who have had boxers before often are amazed at how confident and well adjusted my pups are compared to others.

    I also provide plenty of help and support to my pups' new families if it's wanted. In adopting one of my pups you get a 24hour help line - I am always available to help with my pups. And as a long time dog trainer and obedience/agility competitor I have a lot of dog behaviour and training expertise to share. I also organise puppy get-togethers and other contact between puppy owners too so there's a social/support network there if people want it, plus there's a real joy in watching litter brothers and sisters renew friendships and frolic together. Take a peek at my last litter page to get an idea of how special my pups are to me - some owners simply send me news and an occasional photo, others stay in close contact and keep 'granny' involved in their dog's life. Either is fine by me.

    Note that even if I don't have a litter planned, I can refer you on to like-minded breeders if you want me to.

    I make sure that one of my pups will meet your needs (and vice versa) so expect lots of exchange of information between us.

    If you're interested in adopting one of my babies in the future, or would like my help in putting you in touch with a similar breeder, please contact me:Dr Daniela Rosenstreich, email:
    Apex Boxers Email address.

    Rosie with her pup Gus at 7 weeks oldPhoebe age 4 monthsDiesel age 7 monthsMaisey and Phoebe at 7 weeksLayla age 6 monthsGus age 6 monthsFloyd age 8 weeks and friendYana age 11 monthsPhoebe age 7 weeksFloyd age 11 monthsLayla age 12 monthsThe boys at 7 weeksGus and Phoebe age 10 monthsYana age 11 monthsPaige age 13 monthsMaisey and Gus chewing on a blanket age 7 weeksDiesel age 13 monthsFeed time at 4.5 weeksGus age 8 monthsGus and Yana age 10 monthsPhoebe age 8 months playing with the leafblowerMaisey at 4.5 weeks chomping on Layla
    More photos and information for my last pups on Rosie's Litter Page