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'Apex' is the registered kennel prefix of Dr Daniela Rosenstreich, New Zealand.

Apex is a small kennel based on carefully selected proven lines and a lifetime of experience with breeding, training and showing dogs. Apex started in Boxers 30 years ago and added Border Terriers to the family 9 years ago. (More History here).

My Philosophy

Apex is very small scale and my dogs are first and foremost loved family members - no kennels! I aim for 'quality' not 'quantity' of puppies. I produce litters only when confident that a mating will produce top quality dogs in terms of temperament, looks, longevity and quality of life. Dogs that will be loving family members for many years.

If you’re visiting this site because you want to buy a Boxer or Border Terrier quickly from whoever has some one for you, I’m not the breeder for you. For me, puppies aren’t like kitchen appliances.

If you see a pup as an important addition to your family, and you want to do all you can to ensure that you get a healthy, happy puppy, with every chance of a good long life with your family, please read on. If my philosophy sits well with you, chances are I will be very keen to help you find a puppy (regardless of whether it’s from me or not).

As a breeder, my core objectives are:
  1. to raise dogs with good looks, good health and a sound temperament;
  2. to produce puppies that have the best possible chance of a happy and long life; and
  3. to base all breeding decisions on the best available information.
Being an ethical and responsible breeder must be supported by being as knowledgeable as possible about all aspects of a dog’s well-being. I work to achieve my breeding objectives through the following activities:
  • I constantly research to stay up to date with knowledge of my breeds, including genetics, breeding practices, animal behaviour, nutrition, and health.
  • I actively seek out other ethical breeders to learn from and/or work with – doing right by a breed needs to be a cooperative effort.
  • I select lines based on health and longevity, through ongoing extensive pedigree research. I don’t just stick with my own breeding.
  • I put my dogs through rigorous health screening to safeguard against introducing problems.
  • I ensure that my dogs’ physical and mental constitutions are well tested through leading full and active lives - getting out and about into many situations, as well as competing in working events.
  • I have my dogs assessed at breed shows because relying on only my own opinion of my dogs’ strengths and weaknesses would be both arrogant and ignorant.
  • I put extensive effort into raising puppies, offering varied stimulation /experiences (appropriate to stages of development) to enable each pup to have the best possible chance of a confident and stable temperament, and healthy consitution.
  • I ensure that each pup will be a good match for their new homes, to help it work well for all. I do this by assessing each pup carefully and getting to know each family’s preferences.
  • I am there for the lifetime of every pup I breed. Available for advice and varied forms of support, and also to rehome the pup if anything goes wrong (has not happened yet, touch wood).
Evidence that I ‘put my money [and time] where my mouth is’ can be found throughout this website. How much I care for the well-being of dogs and their owners should be clear from the resources I make available to all through this site.